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Giancarla Parisi - Carla Rhapsody

Giancarla Parisi artista transumanista ?Vanta fin da giovanissima una variegata esperienza lavorativa che spazia dalle pubbliche relazioni alla fotografia di moda, passando per lavori nel campo della grafica e soprattutto del transportation ed interior design.? Nel suo lavoro si percepiscono chiari riferimenti allíArt Nouveau attraversando il percorso di grandi artisti ?da Tamara De Lempicka a Gustav Klimt.?La sua resta una pittura dal tratto preciso e molto introspettiva, rivelando ad una pi˘ attenta lettura significati criptici e simbolici legati al significato della vita e allíesperienza interiore di unëanima ìanticaî con tutte le sue sfaccettature e contraddizioni, perfetta metafora del presente?difficile momento storico. Giancarla Parisi artist transhumanist She had since very young varied work experience ranging from public relations to fashion photography, going to work in the field of graphics and especially the transportiation and interior design. In her work can be perceived clearly refer to the Art Nouveau crossing the path of great artists by Tamara de Lempicka to Gustav Klimt. It is a painting taken from the precise and very introspective revealing at a more careful reading cryptic and symbolic meanings of life related to the inner experience of an ìold soul ì with all its facets and contradictions, perfect metaphor for this difficult moment in history. Young Italian painter presents his paintings with a choice of colors that convey more intense emotions, creating works very special and unique. His paintings bring to viewers who dwell on the details and not be limited to simple look, but above all, to perceive and reflect. Perhaps the beauty and uniqueness of these paintings is to conceal a message that only invites the viewer closer to a thorough search of it, starting from a careful analysis of patterns of colors printed on canvas. E 'can be summed up his work as a constant and uniform poetry composed by colors and shapes with a brush made by impressing his own personal and deep perception. His paintings leave ample room for different interpretations, even sending in those who observed for the first time a strong sense of expressive freedom. and deep perception.


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